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Gas works

metallWe build, repair and reconstruct gas pipelines of low and medium pressure up to the boilers and gasified buildings. We use modern polyethylene pipes (PE) with electro-welded fittings for pipeline construction . Also we are making installation of gas equipment, gas boilers, stop and protective valves, burners, boilers etc. with laying internal gas pipelines. We install gas water heaters and gas meters.



Water supply

waterWe build and repair external (underground) and internal hot/cold water pipelines. Install and replace valves, water flow meters, etc. In our work we use modern materials such as polyethylene (PE), pipes with Alu-casing (AluPEX), etc.

Metal constructions for different purposes

weldWe manufacture and install:
outside fences with modern design, made of steel profiles for the territories of any perimeter
window and door grilles for individual and public buildings
steel tanks made of carbon steel and stainless steel.


indexHeating and hot water supply systems
We design, supply, install and maintain automated heating units in apartment houses and offices. Install heat meters. We make installation of building internal pipelines, of the heating appliances (radiators, calorifers) and other heating equipment.
We execute repair, adjustment and replacement works of existing heating and hot water supply systems, fittings and armature. We also repair and restore the insulation of the pipes. We execute heating system balancing works in order to save Your heating costs.

Sanitary engineering works

santWe carry out the entire range of sanitary engineering works: starting with design and repair and finishing with installation and adjustment.


avariiWe conclude contracts for maintenance of hot and cold water supply, gas supply with companies, agencies, apartment associations and homeowners. We execute urgent emergency works.